Russian Oligarchs buy Football Clubs




Roman Abramovich, “Chelsea Football Club” (England):2003


The last year victory of  “Chelsea” in the Champions League was really expensive for Abramovich. According to estimates of The Sun, top of  European football cost nearly two billion pounds  (including 642 mill – for buying players, 1,2 billion – for their salaries). Abramovich returned José Mourinho to the club (since 2003 in “Chelsea” have worked 9 coaches). The Mourinho‘s salary is 8.5 million pounds per year.  By the way, according to Bloomberg, oligarch allocated about 200 million pounds for charity in 3 last years.

Achievements:  Chelsea won 13 football trophies, was three-time champion of England,  won the Champions League and UEFA Europa League.


David Traktovenko, “Sydney Football Club” (Australia):2006


The banker from St. Petersburg David Traktovenko sold his shares of  “Zenith FC” to “Gazprom”and  and decided to spend the money on football in the country where his daughter lives. At the moment, the businessman who has $550 million owns 90% of shares of “Sydney”. (The Chairman of “Sydney” Scott Barlow is Traktovenko’s son-in-law). We have not heard about “Sydney’s” profit, but it’s spending amazed the local football.  Alessandro Del Piero’s salary who came to this football club last year is 2 million dollars per year.  This is a record for Australian football.

Achievements: Season 2009/2010 – Champion of Australia.


Dmitry Rybolovlev, “Association Sportive de
Monaco Football Club”  (Monaco):2011


When FC “Monaco” faced financial difficulties,  Prince Albert II announced the search for “A first-class partner for the successful development of football”. Rybolovlev became this partner. He made his capital in the production of fertilizers and it is estimated at 9.1 billion dollars. According to the contract Russian has 66,7% of the shares, and the rest remaines in the possession of the principality. Under the agreement Rybolovlev has to invest in a football club 100 million dollars  in 4 years. And “Monaco” has already spent 70 million euros his summer for a pair of players from the “Porto“.

Achievements: the first division of French football

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