Russian Oligarchs are Buying English Premier League Clubs

Russian Oligarchs are Buying English Premier League Clubs


Russian Oligarchs are Buying English Premier League Clubs

Alisher Usmanov, the “Arsenal” (Great Britain): 2007


Holding Red and White, co-owned by Usmanov , has a nearly 30% share of English  Premier League Club”Arsenal”. He has invested invested about 200 million pounds. Due to moderate spending money for English majors “Arsenal” shows good financial results.  Usmanov has offered to invest in the development of the club and expressed his dissatisfaction with the existing policy, but a small proportion of the shares does not allow him to get the “Arsenal” play by their rules.
Achievements: No, the club has not won a trophy in English Premier League Club since 2005.


Maxim Demin, “Bournemouth” (Great Britain): 2011


Businessman, according to media reports, in 2008, purchased land in the prestigious British Sandbanks. The British claim that the villa, worthing 5 million pounds was built for the Russian businessman, by the company owned by Eddy Mitchell – CEO of FC “Bournemouth”, which plays in the third on the power of the English Premier League. In 2011,  Demin  became the football partner of Mitchell. With Demin joining the club, it started to spend on buying players sums, which it had never dreamed about in Bournemouth.
Achievements: led the club to the 2nd league.


Anton Zingarevich, “Reading” (Great Britain): 2012


Anton’s father Boris Zingarevich – co-owner of a major pulp and paper empire. About the personal capital of Zingarevich Jr. is not known. According to media reports, the 29-year-old Russian has bought “Reading” for 30 million pounds. For the purchase of the players in the season 2012/2013 e spent only 9.5 million pounds.
Achievements: in 2011/2012 season he led the club in the English Premier League, but at the end of the season 2012/2013 “Reading” was again departed from the English elite.


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