Keshi to the NFF: “If you want another coach, go ahead”

Amindst the recent meeting between the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) and the coach of the Super Eagles, Stephen Keshi, and following the alleged involvement in the available spot for a coach of the Ivorien national team, Stephen Keshi had said that the NFF can go ahead and hire another coach, if that’s what they want.

Speaking in a radio programme in Nigeria’s capital, Lagos, Keshi said that if the plan of the football house of Nigeria is to hire another coach for their own national team, they can just do it, and not blame him and say bad things about him just because of the Ivory Coast’s national team’s coach spot being open.

“If they want to talk to me, let them come out to say so. I am tired of all these accusations and counter accusations.He accused the football house of merely using the Ivorien coaching issue as a cover up to replace him, urging the authorities to desist from spoiling his name. If they want to give the Super Eagles coaching job to somebody else as they are planning to, let them go ahead and give it without finding excuses and faults in me. They don’t have to be going about spoiling my name in the guise of applying for a coaching job. If their desire is to give the job to someone else, let they go ahead.

“I am tired of ‘Keshi does this, Keshi does that’, if it pleases them to go for another coach, please they should go ahead. I am against spoiling my name. They should go ahead instead of spoiling my name.”


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