Enyeama: The NFF Didn’t Invite Me

The captain of the Super Eagles and their number one goalkeeper, Vincent Enyeama, has denied being invited to appear by the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) just before the disciplinary committee a couple of days ago.

A statement was issued by the NFF on Friday, 19th June, in which the player was invited to appear before the committee to explain himself on the security situation in Kaduna, just before the Africa Cup of Nations qualifying match against Chad, where the team won 2-0.

The committee met on Tuesday, 23rd June, but without Enyeama.

On the other hand, in a recent interview, Enyeama said that the football house of Nigeria did not officially invite him to appear before the committee. He said that he read about it all in the newspapers, adding that it was not a decent way for him to be invited.

“I respect my country and those in charge of our football, which is why I find the whole thing strange,” he said.

“As the captain, I only raised our concerns about the venue before our game, which didn’t go down well with the football authority. I was told to apologise for my comments, which I did immediately and they told me that’s fine.”

The 32 year old keeper, who is also the most capped player with 101 appearances in the Super Eagles’ squad, said that he didn’t fail to reply to messages from the NFF, who were seeking an explanation for his recent comments.

“I only received a letter cautioning me about my comments and to avoid a repeat of such,” he told in that interview. Personally, as it was resolved in-house I thought that was the end of the matter. But I only found out about a disciplinary hearing in the media but I didn’t get any letter to that effect.”

The Lille player might face a rather long ban for his comments which according to the NFF broke the recent code of conduct signed by every single one of the squad’s players, as well as his inability to attend the meeting on that Tuesday.

The NFF executive board will still have the final say on any punishment (if it gets to that point), on a date that hasn’t yet been decided.

The Chairman of the disciplinary committee, Chris Green, said that after the meeting, the NFF would resolve the issue.

“In the case of Enyeama we want this matter dealt with internally and quietly because the noise it has generated is uncalled for,” Green said.

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